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Rio De Janerio- The Beginning

Flight and arrival

rain 29 °C
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Ok so the first of many blogs (this one in English) well before i get on to Rio itself i will start with the flight. We made our way to terminal 5 (Heathrow) on time for a sitdown and the arbitory fairwells, however when we checked in we realised that we really should have checked in online as there were no free spaces for both myself and Adriana. because of this we were forced to sit apart (one behind the other). However only out of sheer luck were we allowed to sit together as a man (who had the window seat) offered to change places with Adriana (who had a middle seat). this was our first bit of luck right at the start of our trip.

The flight itself (with British Airways) was very nice and actually went quite quickly. there were lots of films etc to watch like the new batman and tropic thunder (both only just out of cinemas), plus we had our own screen each instead of other long distance flights where ive had to endure the one small screen halfway down the isle with the wedding planer or whatever blurting away. With this said then we were very impressed with the whole flight with British Airways. After landing the process of filing through to the baggage area began (slowly) once we had our bags we changed some money, i riped off the polathane crap we had put around the bags for the flight and we headed to the bus depot, where we waited about 10 mins for our bus to come and take us to the Hostel. the bus itself was nice and airconditioned and took us right to the door of the hostel in about 40 mins flat.

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What are we taking with us?

everything we hope we will need

We wanted to travel light, but we wanted to make sure that we had the proper gear to record our journey, both for making this site and for our long-term memories.
It took quite a while for us to get used to the idea of just living out of a back pack during our 5 months away. We started to search for other blogs to check what other people doing similar trips had taken. From these blogs we were able to put together a list for ourselves, taking into account what other people had said. Please see below what we decided would be the best equipment possible for our budget.


Canon Powershot G9


Known as a compact digital SLR, Canon G9 has the following specifics:
- 12.1 Megapixels (1/1.7” sensor) with RAW mode for maximum image control
- 6x optical zoom lens with optical Image Stabilizer and SR coating
- DIGIC III and iSAPS for lightning fast response, superb image quality and advanced Noise Reduction
- Face Detection AF/AE/FE and Red-Eye Correction in playback
- 3.0” high-resolution, PureColor LCD II with extra wide viewing angle
- ISO 1600 and Auto ISO Shift
- 25 shooting modes including full manual control and 2 custom settings
- Extra telephoto reach with Digital Tele-Converter and Safety Zoom

With this we will also take an extra battery (for when we are away from power for a period of time), 16GB memory card ( for capturing as many pictues as we want without worrying about running out of memory), and a memory card reader!

There were a few areas that we looked at when deciding what camera to buy. the first was size and weight as we had to carry it around, the second was image quality (for the best pictures possible), the third was to find a camera that was not too flashy or expensive looking so it does not become a target for criminals. with all of these ideas in mind, the G9 was without question the best camera available in our price range as well as ticking all the boxes that we asked of it.

Our 80GB IPods are going with us and the charger as well to make us company through the long bus journeys!

Mobile phones
We will both with different phone numbers (due to our contract) and our phones will be unblocked in order to input SIM cards in other destinations. This will also add the charger of the respective phones!


Our beautiful tent Jack Wolfskin Lighthouse RT 1 that only weights 2.6kg is going with us. After a lot of research of prices, we found it in a Costwold store for half price!!! It is huge inside and has a nice porch so we can put our backpacks outside, our boots or even sit for a nice meal! We will also take a ground sheet.
This tent was chosen due to its size, weight, water resistance and porch area. This therefore allows us the best possible comfort, space and is lightweight and small enough to carry. As well as this it was also the most cost effective tent we found for our budget.

Our mats were very expensive, but they were very light and still very confortable. We hope we made the right decision buying the Therma-rest Pro Lite 3 small, costing £55.3. each
We decided to buy the smallest ones on the market as these mats were another bulky item that we both would have to carry with us.


Sleeping Bags
After spending a lot of money on mats we decided to save up on sleeping bags buying two for £34 each. Although sleeping bags are important, they are very expensive. Therefore the decision was made to buy less expensive bags and buy silk inner bags that are small and lightweight, which can be used on their own in hot weather or inside the bags in cold weather, to create another layer of insulation that would cost a couple of hundred to have in a more expensive bag.

After careful research and advice, we went for Osprey backpacks know for being the lightest and more comfortable. Jonathan got the Osprey Aether 70Litres and Adriana got the Osprey Ariel 65 Litres. As well as being lightweight, we felt that these bags were perfect for us. They both have a special harness system that feels very comfortable, they have the added bonus of a day bag option which will be handy for when we leave our large bags at the hostels and on top of this, the bags have no outside pockets, so are very difficult to pickpocket.

The next list is all the smaller things that we found were needed after researching other travel blogs.

Travel Gadgets
With us we will take little gadgets that can make a big difference:

- Passport bag
- Pack of cards
- Head lamp (2)
- Laundry line
- Bag Locks (2)
- Travel books (2)
- Shoe bag
- Duct tape
- Permanent marker
- SOS Kit (Primary care leaflet, Small low-adherent dressing, Woven bandage & vinyl gloves, Small crepe bandage, Fabric & blister plasters, Medium dressing & burn gel, Triangular bandage, Paracetamol & antiseptic wipes, Scissors & tweezers, Safety pins, Micropore tape, Gauze swabs, thermomether, diarrhoea pills)
- Hidden money pouch
- fold dry bag
- Pack it (eagle Creek)
- Gorilla Pod (to hold the camera so we can take couple pics!)
- South America map
- South America guide
- Knifes and forks x 2
- Tins
- Swiss Knife
- Water bottle
- Shoe bags (2)
- Superglue
- Guide made by A.Lucas
- Power adapters


Hanging toiletry bag which will take:
- Landry paper
- Deodorant
- Earplugs
- Rubber drain-plus
- Razor
- Toothbrush Toothpaste
- Dental floss
- Bacteria killer
- Comb/brush
- Sunscreen
- Shampoo leaves
- Mosquito repellent
- Face towel
- Fabric wash
- Small shampoo
- Body wash


We really had to cut down on clothes due to weight, therefore if worse comes to worse we can always buy something when we are there.


Waterproof coat
Waterproof trousers
long-sleeve polypropylene shirt
Polo shirt
6 x boxers
6 x socks (thick and thin)
Collapsible hat
Beach Shorts
Flip Flops
Walking trainers


Waterproof coat
Waterproof trousers
Long-sleeve polypropylene shirt
Tank top
Tank top
Tank top
Nice top
6 x Panties
6 x socks ( 2 thick and 4 thin)
Flip Flops
Walking Trainers

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Deciding where to go was very difficult. We really wanted to go to South America, and that was our priority: Adriana to go to Rio and to be able to practice her Spanish and Portuguese, Jonathan to experience the diverse environments such as the Amazon. Then we decided on Australia and New Zealand as our second destination, as single flight tickets are very expensive and it would be hard to visit it later on. As well as this, most Around the world flights stop there anyway. Having said this, both New Zealand were both places we both really wanted to visit and explore. Almost for free came a stop in Bangkok so we decided to stay there longer and explore the southeast of Asia as well before finally flying back to the UK.

So here is our itinerary:

South America
27 Nov - Depart from London to Rio de Janeiro. Stay there till the 3rd of December. Go for a day trip to Buzios
4 Dec - Go to Sao Paulo and from there get a flight to Buenos Aires. Enjoy life in Buenos Aires. Go for a day trip to Colonia del Sacramento (Uruguay)
9 Dec - Leave Buenos Aires and head to Iguazu Falls. Camp around there for about 5 days.
14 Dec - Leave Foz do Iguacu and head to Campo Grande (Brazil). Go for a 4 day tour to Pantanal
20 Dec - Depart from Pantanal and head to Quijarro (Bolivia) and then Santa Cruz.
23 Dec - Go from Santa Cruz to explore Bolivia: stop in Cochabamba, Potosi and Tupiza. Go to the Salar Uyuni.
30 Dec - Go to La Paz in order to celebrate the New Years Eve!
2/3 Jan - Go to Amazon for a week
10 Jan - Go from La Paz to Puno and then Cuzco.
13 Jan - Do the trekking to Machu Pichu
17 Jan - Time to head south to Chile. Go from Cuzco to Tacna, then Arica, Sao Pedro de Atacama and finally Santiago.
26 Jan - Get a flight from Santiago to Auckland (New Zealand)

28 Jan - Arrival to Auckland. Explore the city.
30 Jan - Get our wicked campervan and start driving south (see the map for stop locations). Main activites: Hike Franz Josef Glacier, skydive over Lake Wanaka, bungee jumping on the Kawarau Bridge.
18 Feb - Flight from Christchurch to Sydney
21 Feb - Start our journey to the east coast with Julie and Peter in a luxury campervan! Watch out for insects!!!! We had to have some luxuries somehow in the trip!
Stops include: Hunter Valley, Port Stephens, Coffs Harbour, Coolangatta, Brisbane, Fraser Island, Rockhampton, Whitsundays, Mission Beach.
7 Mar - Arrive to Cairns. Explore Cairns and chill for a week. If bored, go to the north of Australia, visiting places such as Jardine River National Park or Rocky Point.
18 Mar - Departure from Cairns to Bangkok

Southeast Asia
18 Mar - Arrival to Bangkok. Explore Bangkok.
23 Mar - Go to Phuket.
29 Mar - Go back to Bangkok and head to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.
5 Apr - Try and head to Vietnam. Explore southeast Asia following travellers recommendations.
18 Apr - Flight from Bangkok to London. Arrive to London at 6h20.

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We are Adriana and Jonathan, we finished our degrees in June 08 and we have been working and living in Jonathan’s parents house in order to save up money for a round the world trip (Many thanks Julie and Peter for all the support!). Adriana is Portuguese, from Porto, and Jonathan is from Wootton Bassett, England. We met in London at University and now we are ready to live one of the greatest adventures of our lives together.

We are going to backpack around the world on a really tight budget, so we will be sleeping in tents or in really cheap hostels!

We have made this blog for our families and friends and other budding travellers to record our experiences and to keep a record of all our adventures.

To whoever knows me (Adriana), I love to plan everything down to the last detail. I realised that it all turned out to be more affordable than we originally anticipated. For example, I thought the world trip would cost us about £12.000 each, and now we are only taking around £4000 each. Although, due to this, we are not going to be spending weeks in one place, but we will still have to cover 3 continents in 5 months. We thought about stopping for a year in Australia or New Zealand, but I would cry all the time missing my little Portugal and Jonathan can’t wait to start working on his “film things”. We decided that, if we fell in love with a place, that we will go back. We can always change our flights dates, anyway.

Our travel philosophy: We are interested in finding out what life is like in different countries and to meet other travellers and share our experiences. We want to experience other cultures, environments and people. We will research where to go and what to see but we will also make things up as we go, especially following recommendations of other travellers that we meet along the way.

So join us during our travel around the world!


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