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Buenos Aires II-hippies,music and Japanese gardens

sunny 28 °C

In Buenos Aires, everything was running well ... until we came to take a day tour to Uruguay, we found out that the weekend was a public holiday so there were only seats left in first class... we took the decision not to travel there and skip going to Uruguay.

We spent the last few days walking the parks of Buenos Aires which was a complete surprise for us. Buenos Aires is a true city of hippies and markets that sell crafts of all shapes and sizes. There was one afternoon that we spent walking to the flower of Buenos Aires, and then on to the beautiful Japanese gardens. On the way back we stopped in a park where lay on the grass and listened to live violin music and watched the sun go down..... the perfect way to end a very hot, sunny day in Buenos Aires!!


On the last night we came across a carnival going throught the streets with music, dancing and colourful costumes with people lining the streets all along the route into the distance.We could not resist so ended up fallowing the carnival as it passed throught the cobbled streets near to our hostel, stopping briefly to have a drink as the parade travelled past.


Buenos Aires was full of surprises and was sad to leave so soon!!

On the 8th of December we got a 16 hour night bus up to our next stop.....Iguazu.

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Buenos Aires-La Boca & the Puerto Madero Reserve

the beginning

sunny 25 °C

After traveling over night to Sao Paulo from Rio, we arrived at Sao Paulo airport from there we flew to Buenos Aires. we got the local bus (86) to the center of Buenos Aires. Without having slept during the night, we went on a local bus that took about 2 hours to arrive at our destination

Finally we arrived at the hostel. We noticed a big difference immediately. This hostel was clean and organized, the rooms are cleaned every day and the beds are made for us .. an authentic "hotel". We stayed in a room with 8 beds for 4 nights which cost 192 Argentine pesos. But while our hostel in Rio was very rotten, the manager was doing everything so that travelers are together and had things to do every night. unlike here in Buenos Aires.
The first thing we did was take a good shower then went to find a money exchange. The streets here are huge and full of charisma. Lots of hippies selling everything and anything on the street, there was a protest in front of one of the ministries ... finally ... Welcome to Buenos Aires!


The day after, (December 5), we got a map with a few tours on it and tried to follow on foot. We decided to go to La Boca and ecological reserve puer Madero.
La Boca is the poorest part of central Buenos Aires, and Puerto Madero is an area of the 'new rich' .. we decided to do both to see the contrast!
The start trying to follow the map and start to walk in some areas more dubious ... but ready ... the map said to go over there, so we went over there ... Suddenly we see the Field of Deportivo La Boca Juniors. After continuing to walk we found this beautiful area of houses of all colours, artists, restaurants, tango .... like an oasis in a desert. The houses are built with wooden boards and metal painted in different colors.


We decided to have a good steak lunch here while experiencing an Argentine tango! This all for 25 pesos that is about 4.50.
Once filled we continued our journey to Puerto Madero. During this walk, we got lost and ended up walking around in the districts of La Boca ... what was not a great experience. After this stress, we arrived at the Puerto Madero .... and what a difference! The best hotels, restaurants, riverside regeneration. We fallowed this course to the Ecological Reserve of Puerto Madero. We took the long trail of 4 miles beneath the sun! We saw several species of birds, guinea pig things, lizards etc...


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Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo

Last days

sunny 24 °C
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After the Christ Redeemer and beaches, we decided to go visit to the Tijuca National Forest. It has waterfalls but nothing special.


On December 3, it was our last day in Rio de Janeiro. We walked again by Ipanema and Leblon. Around 18 we got out of the hostel with our bags and went to catch the bus to the Bus Central and from there we would get the bus to Sao Paulo .... then we will take the plane to Buenos Aires ... complicated? Tiring? Plenty. we got out of Rio on a comfy bus to Sao Paulo. We got to Sao Paulo in the morning at 2:00 a.m. The next service to the airport to Garulhos was just 1 hour later ... The bus came and took us to the airport (were the only passengers).

We arrived at an airport, also very well developed and organized and now we had to wait up to 2 hours to check in for our flight. This whole thing without eating or sleeping ... Then we went to the plane ... (without any money you spend on a bottle of water even) where we waited anxiously for a breakfast.


We finally arrived in Buenos Aires!

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Rio de Janeiro III- The christ redeemer

Ipanema and Christ Redemor

sunny 25 °C
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The next day we decided to go back to the lake, to walk around it etc... we spend the day walking and relaxing. in the evening we came back to the hostel to find some of the guys there drinking. We decided to join in and the rest is history...


The day after it was the first official day of summer here in Brazil. We decided to go to the christ redeemer as it was the first real clear day. We walked by copacabana, had lunch and then took a taxi up to the bottom of the christ redeemer hill. To get to the statue itself we had to take a tram (which cost us a fortune) up the side of the hill to the top. Although full of tourists the views are fabulous and the views take your breath away.


Tomoz we may go to the Tijuca Forest.. we will see.

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Rio de Janeiro II- Lapa and the Christmas lights

The first days

semi-overcast 25 °C
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These last two days have been full of adventures to tell ... I do not know where to start ...

On 28Nov in the morning we went for a walk. We went to Ipanema, Copacabana and around the streets in Copacabana. We didnt had much luck with the weather: it is very hot, but too much fog ... Hopefully it will improve for the Pao de Açúcar and that big Christ thingy.


After finding our feet we came back to the hostel because we knew we were going to a party that night!
There were a few Americans that we met who had been travelling for a little while so we tagged along with them to Lapa!
The Lapa .... was something ... spectacular! It is a street party where all the traffic is cut off, and people sell caipirinhas, beers etc... As we were with the rest of the staff from the hostel, they already knew the best sites. They took us to a kiosk that sold beer for about 20p. There were samba bands playing, and lots of people on the streets. This area was where I saw some people being robbed (including me). They tried to steal the knife from my side twice, but did not succeed. Despite this, Lapa should be seen by everyone visiting Rio, its a cultural experience not to be missed!!


The day after, with a big hangover, we went to the beach to simply relax. In the afternoon we walked to
Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, a huge lake near Leblon with views of Christ Redeemer. Along the Lake we started to see people selling popcorn, farofa, churros etc... After some time walking we asked what was going on and was tolld that Today was the day to light the Christmas lights of a giant tree that was in the middle of the lagoon. So our dinner was a espetada chicken and cheese on a stick from one of the vendors lol. After an hour waiting the lights were turned on, with a big fireworks desplay with it.


After the fireworks we walked back to the hostel for a well deserved rest!!

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